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The Orphans Have Moved Into Their New Home



We had our first chance to visit the new orphanage last week. WHAT A BLESSING! Jackie had tears in her eyes as she thought of where these children had lived before. The number of windows provided awesome light. The amount of room to live,  the ability of the children to go outside which wasn’t possible before , was noticeable. This gives the orphans and Lucien family an opportunity to live in clean and dry surroundings. We have a long way to go to finish. We hope to get a donation of a well. Cooking is currently done in an outside kitchen. The orphans are currently using an outside latrine until we get running water. Electricity still needs to be attached to the building. In order to finish the building  we borrowed money which still needs to be paid back. IT IS ” SOOOO” WORTH IT, by showing the love of Christ to these kids, you feel that you are the hands and feet Jesus. Barb Pruett, one of our team  members was really touched as she met the kids she was sponsoring, Thank  you Barb, what a difference you are making.




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