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Weekly Meal for Children in Beaudoin

Beaudoin is a former tent city that is a neighborhood in Jacmel Haiti.

Twice a week Ministry In Mission funds a meal for the disadvantaged children in Beaudoin. The meal typically consists of rice, beans and chicken pieces in gravy.

Before the meal the children are led in Christian songs and when missionary teams are present that usually have a skit that reflects the Gospel Message.

The meal takes place whether missionary teams are present or not. When teams come they serve he food to the children.

Feeding The Elderly

Prior to the building of the Jacmel Lutheran Home for the Elderly, Ministry In Mission would fund taking food to the elderly. Emmanuel Michel, now an ordained Pastor at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church visits the elderly members of he church and brings them food staples. Rice, beans, sugar oil, pasta are some of the items he brings. Typically when missionary teams come they help fund pack and deliver food to the elderly.