• A Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Ministry In Mission provides the opportunity to help further the education of Haitian students. Interested groups or individuals can donate a $300 yearly donation or more to help with education expenses. The $300 does not cover the entire cost of the student’s education.

The program is administered in the United States by  volunteer Spencer Owen.

In Haiti, Sydney Kessa administers the distribution of funds to the schools

Due to the violence and social upheaval in Haiti, volunteers from the US can not safely go and interview students in Haiti. The program continues through the efforts of Sydney Kessa

When you sponsor a student, you will receive the child’s name and basic information. This information is gathered by volunteer missionary teams periodically on their mission trips to Haiti. Students are interviewed with the help of interpreters. You will also receive a picture of the student which is also updated periodically by volunteer missionary teams.

If you would like to meet your student, you can sign up to be a member of a missionary team and you will meet your student in person. Call/text Jackie Rychel at 440-463-0594 or email at jrychel@gmail.com

100% of your donation goes to helping the student with tuition for school.

The actual cost for school exceeds $300.00  Children may have more than one sponsor.  A sponsor might choose to donate more than the $300.00 per year.

The vast majority of schools in Haiti require tuition. For all practical purposes, there is no free education in Haiti. Your donation also helps with school uniforms and school supplies.