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Serving Haitians in the Dominican Republic

At lot has been written in the news about Haitians in countries other than Haiti. Jackie and Mark Rychel , board members for Ministry In Mission (MNM) were asked by Rev. Jerry Moncour , a Haitian pastor living in the Miami area to help organize a mission trip to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic (DR) to help Haitians in the bateyes. ( click on the link to see a formal definition.)

Bateyes currently are camps where many Haitians live in impoverished conditions. They have difficulty in getting jobs, sending their children to public schools and receiving government services because they are undocumented.

Our team consisted of Rev. Jerry Moncour, Jackie and Mark Rychel, Karleen Zuercher, nurses Enaud St. Aude and Yousline Bazile(Enaud and Yousline are American nurses of Haitian descent.)

Our Dominican leader was Dr. Lambert Emmanuel. a Haitian doctor that has permanent residence in the DR and has an office within one of the batey camps.

Dr. Lambert has a deep interest in serving the Haitians living in the bateyes.

Serving in the DR is so totally different than serving in Haiti. We drive on great roads past all inclusive resorts, electricity is always on and our accommodations were like being in the US.

When we drove up to the first batey (they are in different locations), we felt like we were in Haiti. The housing was similar to Haiti, many children were scampering all over and most everyone was speaking Kreyol. The poverty was evident.

Over our week long trip we bought bulk food and handed it out and helped with a medical clinic that Dr. Lambert had set up, We also had brought many donations in 50 pound suitcases of clothes that we gave away and left some with Dr. Lambert to give out later. We also brought a lot of vitamins and over the counter medicine that was used in the medical clinic and that Dr. Lambert could use in his practice.

We did our best to show the love of Jesus Christ in providing food and care for these people in need. 

Th closest Lutheran Church is about 2 hours away from Puerto Plata in Santiago. Santiago is the hub for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod(LCMS) in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

 There are LCMS churches there and a vibrant LCMS seminary. Rev. Ted Krey is the Director for the entire area of  the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Pastor Ted, drove to Puerto Plata along with Rev. Jonah Burakowski, Associate Director for the LCMS there and a pastor that the Lord put in our path, Pastor Idjon Fritz Regnier. Pastor Idjon is a Haitian pastor in Santiago, he speaks Kreyol and Spanish and has a tremendous heart for the Haitian people.

These three Pastors  took their valuable time to inspect the bateyes with us, talk with the people and survey the needs of the people in the bateyes. 

Our prayers are that the Gospel can be proclaimed through the LCMS to this area. With the difficulties in traveling in Haiti with missionary teams  right now, we are praying that God’s will would include these Haitians in our ministry.

Please pray along with us that God would open doors for our ministry in this area.

God is continuing to use Ministry In Mission in amazing ways.

We continue to help support:

  • the Center of Refuge Orphanage,
  • the Jacmel Lutheran Home for the elderly,
  • The feeding programs for the children in Beaudoin
  •  helping coordinate the LCMS earthquake relief and rebuilding of churches and schools in the earthquake ravaged areas.
  • We also need prayers for the release from customs in Haiti for two sea containers that have food and and water and other necessities

Thank You for all your prayers and support


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