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Ministry in Mission is a 501c3 and a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the Lutheran

Church Missouri Synod

As if life was not a struggle in the past two years with the gang violence blocking major roads, theft of containers carrying food, water and medication, political unrest and the assignation of the President, now a major earthquake followed by near hurricane force wind and rain makes life unbearable for the victims. It reads like a novel. Right?

Ministry in Mission toured Haiti Sud with Reverend Doctor Ross Johnson, Director of Disaster Response Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Disaster Response will be repairing 3 churches, drilling wells, providing medical clinics and some financial support to a Pastor and a widow whose husband was a Lutheran Pastor killed in a landslide.

Ministry in Mission and partners will be:

  • rebuilding cisterns in an area where vehicles cannot travel, and wells cannot be dug    $10K-$17K ea

serves a village of 100 people or more

  • wells                                                                $8000 ea
  • new church pews for rebuilt churches $250 ea
  • solar panels                                                                                                                      $300 ea
  • Inverter batteries Trojan (40)                                                                                        $9600    
  • providing motorcycles for the Lutheran Pastors in the mountains have no vehicles to get $1900

 them to the homes of their parishioners or other Lutheran Pastors      

  • Family support for 1 year                                                                   $2400
  • Pastoral support for 1 year                                                                   $1200
  • Church worker support for 1 year $600
  • Rebuild 1 small house for those destroyed  $12000
  • Adopt a church for 1 year $2400
  • Orphanage support, food for 1 year                  $30,000
  • Eldercare food and medicine for a year $10,000
  • repair damage to the guesthouse in Jacmel                       $60,000
  • Security wall enclosing church property $20,000
  • complete the church in Jacmel, Haiti $200 ,000.00

windows $40K, finish walls with stucco and paint $105K,

ceramic tile $30K, electricity wiring, outlets and lights$15K

bathrooms $10K

Jackie Rychel

President and Founder

Ministry in Mission




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