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Les Cayes Hurricane Relief Efforts Update

UPDATE 10/13/2016

We are on the ground in Les Cayes since  Tuesday afternoon and surveyed the damage in Les Cayes with Rev. Ross Johnson, the director of Disaster Response from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). We had met with Rev. Ted Krey from the LCMS and Tim Hetzner from Lutheran Church Charities in Port Au Prince to discuss strategy to deal with the disaster. Rev. Elione Bernard, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti, Rev Thomas Bernard and Rev. Marky Kessa of the ELCH were also present in Les Cayes. We visited a number of Lutheran churches in the mountains surrounding Les Cayes to give them enoucouragement and assess their needs. Today we are we are planning with Rev. Paul Touloute , President of the local ELCH district to bring food and  roofing supplies to the  local Pastors to help them rebuild their homes and help them serve their congregations. We are trying to co-ordinate cholera medicine and get it air lifted from Port Au Prince . All food airlifted early in the first response phase of the disaster was distributed. Internet access is difficult and the ability to send back pictures is difficult.

UPDATE 10/9/2016

Ministry In Mission will be sending a team to Les Cayes Haiti along with Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Disaster Response (LCMS), Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) and a team from St. Peter Lutheran Church,Schaumberg IL. We plan to follow up on the 120,000 meals air lifted to Les Cayes and help LCMS and LCC ascess the need. We will help them with our contacts in Les Cayes and throughout Haiti so that we can best serve the people of Les Cayes and other areas as we are able. We are not sure what type of communication capability we will have but will keep you informed as best we can.

Thank You for all your support!  We are hearing about awesome prayers and collections for support from the many churches that have partnered with us in Haiti.

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UPDATE 10/6/2016

We have heard from ministry partners

that near 100% crop loss is throughout Southern Haiti…Many homes, churches, and schools in our local and partnership church communities have lost roofs, and or the structures themselves…Many animals have been lost…Access to clean water has been dramatically reduced.

The worst of the devastation is Port Salut West to Dame Marie. Jeremie is close behind, and then Les Cayes.  Food is already scarce.  Ministry in Mission is partnering with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod disaster responseAgape Flights, Lutheran Church Charities and many Churches throughout the country to get food and humanitarian supplies to the areas that need it most.

It is very hard to get information as cell towers are down.  The infrastructure is so poor there may not be electricity for weeks.


Many will recognize this Lutheran Church in Les Cayes where we have worshiped and the attached school. 

Haitians will look to the church and Pastor Paul Toulotte for water, food and humanitarian supplies

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Many friends and missionaries from Ministry In Mission have visited and helped the people of LesCayes Haiti.  Those people need our help to survive the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Les Cayes seem to be the worst hit. Several sources have said a bridge is out, from Port Au Prince to Les Cayes so they are cut off  from receiving supplies by road. Jeff Nyquist  from St. Peter Lutheran Church in  Schaumburg, IL   is working to arrange a flight by Agape Flights to Les Cayes with humanitarian supplies . Agape air will be flying in with 60,000 meals, tarps and water filters on Friday or Saturday. We need $5000 per flight and we are not sure how many flights will be scheduled.

We are deeply concerned about Nora Leon and Pastor Bertrand on Île-à-Vache, the island off Les Cayes, one post said it was devastated but have had no word from people we know. The people we mission to in Jacmel are fine as far as we know.

Please pray for those affected by the hurricane in Haiti as well as those responding to their needs.

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we received these pictures of Les Cayes through Jeff Nyquist


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