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Everyone wants to know ! What’s Happening with the Orphanage

We are almost ready to move the children and Lucien family into the NEW Center of Refuge Orphanage. The septic tanks are the hold up and are in theprocess of being finished. Here are some pictures from  last week.

Haiti814_060Haiti814_037 Haiti814_038 Haiti814_040 Haiti814_042 Haiti814_044 Haiti814_045 Haiti814_048 Haiti814_052 Haiti814_053

The pictures show the cistern and two septic tanks being dug and some of the rooms and baths. How nice will it be to go from one bath to service the entire current orphanage to the new orphange with 3 baths each for the boys and girls plus a bath for the Lucien Family and a guest bath off the main room. Target move in is within two weeks.

We are still short of funds to finish,  If you want to join the fun of ministering to God’s People please click the button below.



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