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Elderly Christian Home

Last year we were asked by Emmanuel Michel,  better known as Manno, who is our dear friend and director of the John 3:16 Guest House. “People who come to Haiti pay a lot of attention to care for children, why don’t they pay attention to those that are elderly?”   We asked him to come up with a proposal. He came up with a detailed proposal that is a testament to his concern and a tribute to his education.

You can read it here.  Elderly Christian Home pdf  .

On our trip to Haiti last month we interviewed three ladies that are candidates for elder care. Their situation touches your heart. We hope to have missionaries come and help them as part of future mission trips to Haiti. Theses ladies are having difficulty taking care of themselves. One of the ladies had a son  living with her and she was must better off than the other two.

Here are some pictures we took during the interviews. The captions for each photo are in Emmanuel Michel’s own words

The first lady at Beaudouin. Her name is Anithe. her father died in her childhood. She started to grow up with her mother at Bainet a little town in the south east of Haiti. later her mother died too. She came to live to Jacmel with some relatives of hers.She didn’t go to school. She didn’t either marry anyone. She is living alone in little portable building that she received from the Lutheran Church of Jacmel Where Pastor Kessa is the Pastor. she eats specially when someone in the neighborhood gives her some food or money. Sometimes on Sunday she receives some money after the worship services. She has nobody to take care of her. She is sick. In one word she is considered as a social outcast. As it is the case of almost all the old people in Jacmel.


  The 2nd one is Germitha. She is not a Christian. She has been crawling as a snake all her life. She is about 80. She didn’t marry, but she had one son who died a long time    ago. Since she continued to live miserably at the mercy of the people in the neighborhood. She had two brothers. they both died a long time ago too. She lives now in a  prefabricated building she received from the Lutheran Church of Jacmel after the the earthquake of January 10th. in one word she is living worse than sister Anithe.


The 3rd one is Madam Omer. She is a sister in the Lutheran Church of Jacmel. She is about 75. she is not married. She had several sons. most of them died a long time ago. she is living now near a son of hers in a prefabricated building received from the church after the same earthquake. she is very weak and in bad health. she lives miserably too. the only difference from the others she has a son but he can’t do anything for her.

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