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Desperate Need for Donations for our Haitian Brothers and Sisters In Christ

“Haiti is in lockdown. Once considered Haiti’s greatest import, Non-Government Groups and Missionaries are unable to work safely in the country. We are desperate to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti but we cannot reach them or send them lifesaving supplies. At this time we can only send money,”


According to an article in Washington Post published on October 14, 2019, Haiti is “perennially the poorest in the Western Hemisphere; more than half the population lives on less than $2.20 a month.”

“We are in misery and we are starving,” said one of the protesters.

The situation in Haiti is desperate. Eighty percent of government offices and banks are closed; schools have not been able to open yet this fall; electricity is unreliable because there is no fuel to run the national power grids; food, clean water, and fuel is expensive and scarce.


According to the United Nations World Food Program, “about 3.6 million people — or more than a third of the country’s population — have been driven deeper into poverty and hunger and are struggling to access a reliable supply of food.” The natural disasters (earthquake, hurricanes, and floods) over several years in Haiti created a devastating food crisis.

Ministry In Mission, will send emergency funds to Haiti. Please prayerfully consider making a monetary donation to help provide food for Haitian adults and children.


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