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3 Doctors, a Dentist, a Pharmacist and a Pastor

When Ministry In Mission assembles a mission trip, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is the first thing on our minds. 

During the last week of February and the first week of March 2023 . Ministry In Mission (MNM) led a team to work in the Bateyes of the Dominican Republic (DR).

3 doctors, a pediatrician, an emergency room doctor, a family medicine doctor, and a dentist traveled from the suburbs of Detroit along with a Pastor from Faith Lutheran Church in Troy, Michigan to the Dominican Republic to heal people physically and spiritually.

Setting up “shop” in different locations across Porto Plata in the DR, two of them churches, the doctors did their best to heal the physical problems people had but also prayed with them. This was all done through interpreters. Most of the patients in the bateyes are Haitian and speak French Creole. A pharmacy was set up in each location and our pharmacist also from the Detroit area dispensed the medications prescribed by the doctors.

In addition to our professional volunteers, additional mission team members helped as dental assistants, as well as helping with triage.

Every half an hour we took a water break and one member of the team shouted prayers out loud so that all our patients, doctors, and volunteers could hear


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